Have you looked at your thingie lately?

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Mar 27, 2003
Somewhere in the foothills...

I learned something else new from C-Dan yesterday. If I am the last to discover this then please be polite and don't ridicule me in public. :D

There is a little bucket attached to the bottom of your air filter canister. This little sub-canister is attached with two over-the-center clamps similar to the clamps that hold the top of the air cleaner assembly to the canister. When I opened mine it was completely full. There were BIG chunks of stuff. Most of it looked like soft rubber weather stripping and other rubber bits sucked into the intake and caught by the air filter. There was also a lot of dust and dirt. The turbine effect of the air spinning in the canister causes these bigger pieces to drop to the bottom and into this sub-canister. At 122k miles I don't think mine had ever been opened.

I searched the owner's manual for my '97 and it doesn't mention the air filter at all, much less this sub-canister. I searched the FSM and it mentions inspecting, cleaning, and replacing the air filter but it doesn't mention this sub-canister.

I had the destinct pleasure of showing the Wulf his "cyclonic trap". I imagine few of you realize what you have. As Beo stated, there is a "can" attached to the bottom of the air cleaner housing. It is about the size of a Tunafish can. As dust-laden air enters and swirls around in the air cleaner housing, it drifts to the bottom where this handy little can catches it. I'll bet that dang near every one of you didn't know it existed. ::)
I found mine by accident ! ::) I now empty it when I do an oil change and check the KN filter @ the same time.

I did get to see you make "addict", maybe it's some kinda conspiracy(sp)

I also noticed that the "hall monitor" is also a god!!
sure hope he don't run out of head room in his cruiser! :D

Yo ,god of the halls,

Are the tan ones also available? :D
and please don't tell me that the price just went up, from twice as much to three times as much!

I too am keenly disapointed in my demotion to mere "addict".

I guess "YaBB God" Was too much for me. :'(
The thingie is a good place to hid your spare key, cash and other things that you briing back from Mexico...
B- if you read the FSM like the rest of us did, then you would know of this and the OTHER thingie on your motor :D
How do you open it to retrieve your spare key if your truck's doors are locked?
Boy! now that everyone know where I hid my key, I have to find a new plave to hide my spare key. (thinking) 'the fuel fill door', no one would ever look there 8)
Don't tell B, let him do his homework like like the rest of us ALL did, well at least most of us did ;)
Kurt's inside spare key is for when he's locked [glow=red,2,300]INSIDE[/glow] the vehicle.......... ::)
[quote author=cruiserdan link=board=2;threadid=3626;start=0#msg26958 date=1058302606]
Kurt's inside spare key is for when he's locked [glow=red,2,300]INSIDE[/glow] the vehicle.......... ::)

Not! I call Onstar whenI am locked in my....

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