Have you ever used your headlight washers?

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Dec 13, 2014
I think mine would work if the reservoir wasn't broken, but why bother. The one time I could have used them was winter driving on I-70 a couple years ago. Have you ever needed to use yours? Do you bother filling the reservoir?
Mine work great. Every time the lights are on and I wash the windshield, they spray a storm!!
One of the first things I deactivated on my 62 years ago.... They went through lots of fluid without taking much off of the lights. YMMV :meh:
Removed mine. Reservoir was broken, though.
One of the first items I removed when I restored my 60. Had the holes welded close, along with the lower body trim holes when the body was painted.
Thanks for the replies. I'm in no hurry to get rid of them on my 60 as they give the beast some character, but I also doubt that they are worth the trouble.
Novelty item. Used them a few times twenty some years ago.
I've made use of them a few times, then the check valves gave out. I'm one of the few guys who thinks they are cool 1980s gadgets...right up there with car phones and auto retracting seat belts
There is something I find rather comical about them. Tractor motor; check, manual locking hubs; check, manual crank windows; check, manual choke; check, Euro style headlight washers; what??
Hi, Actually I forgot they were there . Resovoir is good ,the cap cracked a long time ago. Mike
My reservoir was cracked so I just the top off with a grinder and now it's living it's best life as a parts and tools bin. Super handy!

Drilled a few small holes in the bottom for drainage too.
I’ve actually been wondering the same. My reservoir was cracked and I was curious if it’s worth the headache to replace.
I like having mine. They are nice during break up when the roads are covered in mud slush and the front of the cruiser is under an inch of road road grime.
I ran into that mud/slush/ice issue once, but I was driving my other 'yoda, 1980 long bed 4x4. Solved the problem with snowballs applied to the warm lights.

Has anyone tried "shoe goo" or epoxy to fix the reservoir?
This thread inspired me to repair the crack on the top of my reservoir, order and install a new reservoir cap from Mr. T, replace the check valve that was completely blown out and hit “spray” for a little smile.
I use mine....i love them, not like they serve a purpose in WA

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