Have you a heart? do you live in the houston area?

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Apr 20, 2009

i found this 80 in the houston down-town area. not wanting to repeat my horrible experience in dallas (actually two) i am heeding fellow members' advice and asking for help.

is anyone willing to go give this 80 a quick check? i don't want anyone going out of their way but i'm sure there are a few mudders in the houston area who might take a moment and check out the 80.

if you want to help you can PM me for all the info. hey!, if there are more than one than you can get together and go in a 80 inspection party! kinda like a recon mission or somethin' :)

there's a pretty good number of guys in Houston that can help you out...
thanks citadel,

if i've learned anything in the short time on the forums is that people here want to help out.

forgot to mention there will be compensation (gas money=no, beer money=YES:clap:)
What 80? Where's the link? Depending on where it is, I might be able to go, but Houston is quite a large area. Details?
I am in Houston with a little bit of 80 experience... (Have 3 80's in the family and won't undercut your deal, even if it has lockers and very low miles... but if it has a supercharger :) j/k)

I do like the idea of a IH8mud 80 get together party... not sure if the owner would be well receptive to a bunch of guys nitpicking his ride though.
I could lend a hand in this. I live on the North side but office close to downtown.

its a 94 i found on craigslist after a fellow member was kind enough to point it out for me. the guy is in the Heights area, don't know where exactly that is, but he said it's around down town.

Toyota LandCruiser 2nd Owner 170K Mi.

I'm in contact with he guy and agreed to have people check it out for me, i'm just waiting to find those kind hearted people.

He said he's been very busy, I tried to get hold of him since sunday and only wed. did i speak with him. He can do friday, tomorrow, if anyone really wants to help me out i can send you more info, just PM me. I'll be checking my messages frequently!

jlg32281, Sc0 and buck: thanks for your support. if you can friday that would be great.

Like the ad...a real salesman huh? Only two owners too!

Why is this a selling point? It's like people think a car is their sister they are trying to set you up with on a date "She's only slept with like, two guys!"

Price if right (that is down to earth and market reality)...low ball him!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks to everyone that helped out but it's not officially a no-go. the guy sold it a day after i first gave him a call. did not have the cordiality to say something like 'well, its still for sale but there's someone before you' he send me a text after he would not answer my call say 'it is now sold...sorry'

thank you any way guys. if one comes up in texas let me know
Here's a '97 LX in New Braunfels, if you're interested. Unlocked but it looks pretty clean. Maybe on the overpriced side with 188k on the clock...they're asking $6,500. LOL the horsepower is listed as "V8" :hmm:
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You could have sent me a pm letting me know before I played phone tag with guy so I could check it out for you. :bang:

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