Have searched, still unsure. Are the quad square headlights sealed beam or H1/H4 bulbs? As in original from 'yota (1 Viewer)

Jun 30, 2019
Annapolis, MD and Uvita, Costa Rica
My rig is at my 2nd home in Costa Rica so I can't look/evaluate/plan very well but I think I want to bring new J.W. Speaker LED lights down next trip. I have limited tools and installation resources there so I want to try to get a good plan together before going so I am not dealing with wiring that won't plug in etc.

My HDJ80 truck has original quad square lights. Car was originally sold new in Costa Rica.

First, are the OEM quad square lights sealed beam? Meaning no removable bulb? I thought they were but I see all this stuff about H1 and H4 bulbs being fit so that would imply the light housings are housings that accept bulbs and not sealed beam.

In either case if I bolt in a set of JW Speaker lights I am trying to figure out what am a left with regarding the car's plug trying to mate to the Speaker light?

If I pull up the spec sheet for the 0551371 non-heated low beam light (tropical area)
it shows the following regarding connectors:

Connector or Wiring H4 Connector - AMP (#172615-2)
Mating Connector LH Terminal - AMP (#172795-1); RH Terminal - AMP (#172796-1)

Speaker Light.JPG

SPeaker high beam light.JPG

pdf spec sheet

They also list on teh same web page some two harnesses. One for low beam with 2 wires and one for high beam with 3 wires.

Low Beam Harness for 8800 Evolution 2 Series

speaker harness low beam.JPG

speaker harness high geam.JPG

spec sheet for harness

This harness obviously has a plug that fits into the Speaker light. I can't tell what the other end is but it looks like it has male pins which I guess mimic the pins of a H1/H4 bulb. They have a separate harness for high beam (2 wire) and low beam (3 wire) so maybe they are for plugging into H1 and H4 sockets?

If my truck actually has H1 and H4 bulbs it would seem that with teh above lights AND harness it woudl be plug and play? MAybe?!?

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