Has anyone used the SOR wagon inside spare tire carier?

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Jan 10, 2010
rapid city, SD
I was just looking at options for carrying my 33" spare in my FJ62 and was wondering if anyone had tried Spectors inside tire carrier? Thanks
I'm interested as well. Have my spare on the roof rack now and not happy with it.
I don't use the SOR one, but I have built a couple of inside carriers. My 33x12.5 fits nicely in the back. I have to admidt that I have never seen the SOR one, but what I don't like is that with the tire removed the holder appears to still take up a lot of space, making it difficult to reclaim space if you need it. My current one is shown in the post linked below When the tire is removed, the holder does not extend out past the rear tailgate opening. do a search and you will find other ideas, too...

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I did use one for a while. It does take up a lot of room and it always smells like old tires. I have the mount somewhere in my garage I will sell for cheap PM me if you are interested.

He won't notice the smell over the fast-food farts...

i had one for a while and i didn't really like that my 33x10.5 tire was up against the window

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