has anyone tried these brakes?

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Sep 7, 2012
Overland Park , Kansas
I don't know. Your getting what you pay for.
Try NAPA. They are closer to OEM. Oem is best.
You know what's cool? I actually bought rotors and pads from these guys before. My old neighbor is friends with these guys, they are 10 minutes from my house. I got a pair of drilled and slotted rotors plus ceramic pads for my 98 Civic about 3-4 years ago, they are still in excellent condition. The pads are surprisingly still good, the rotor is also in excellent condition, I haven't done anything with either since I had it put on. I do drive a stick shift so the wear and tear might be less than an auto. I was actually thinking about buying drilled and slotted front and rear for my 97TLC, from my previous experience with them, I would say these are good products. I just don't know much about brakes, rotors, and pads to say how effective they are or if it will improve braking on a land cruiser, but I do want them in the future. I'm not affiliated with them, but I'm glad I had a good experience, can't speak for what their products are like now though, but I honestly think you can buy with confidence.
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Just read their ad, they have stainless steel brake lines, I've been wanting to get some. I hope they remember me, they gave me a nice discount last time. :D
If they are manufactured in China I would pass.
I Bought a set from them for my Range Rover Classic over 1 1/2 ago and no problems they were direct fit hassle free.
Good Luck and enjoy your set of rotors pads didn't last as I expected otherwise all well
i bought them , if they suck they will at least get me through the winter.
i dont offroad anyway.
I thought the slots help your break grab harder, and drilled holes cool down the rotors faster? Is that not desirable?
i think the guys that MUD heavy say that the slots and holes collect dirt and scratch the rotors bad when MUDING.

I thought the slots help your break grab harder, and drilled holes cool down the rotors faster? Is that not desirable?
Post up when you get them and install them. I am going to be doing the same. Would love to see what your thoughts are when you install them.
Holes lead to rotor cracking and the rotor change interval on drilled rotors should be half that of regular rotors.
Slots cool just fine

I'll second that....I finally tossed my OEM cross drilled rotors on my M3 after repeated cracking. They are simply for show or light use. During heavy use ( road track or similar conditions) they quickly develop cracks between the drilled holes.
Btw , I bought these and installed them. So far they are way better than what I had before. I will chime back in after a few thousand miles
that's what it looks like !

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