Has Anyone Installed A 6.5" Speaker In The Front Door?

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Dec 24, 2003
If so, please list:
1. Speaker Make & Model
2. Any modifications made to the door structure or to the door panel.
3. If you used stock grills or aftermarket grills.
4. How you like the results.

I tried in two or three other threads related to speaker selection to ask this but I basically got little guidance so I thought that I should start a separate thread. What I'm wondering really is if it is preferable to put a 5.25" or a 6.5" speaker in the front door. I see all sorts of 5.25" speakers selected in people's posts here but several stores online list the 6.5 as the actual size? If I can fit a 6.5" in there without a whole lotta cuttin and grindin I'd like to do that. Thanks. :cheers:
this is what i did in about 1 hour after work, i didn't drill but used the included clips in the original holes. I just added thin weatherstripping as IdahoDoug did. Original grills and you cant tell anything is not stock, except for the sound.


the speakers are 6.5" Pioneer TS-G1641Rs and cost me 30 bucks off amazon and they really are good sounding.
Yes front doors are Alpine Type-S 6.5 model# sps-600c componet system $129.99 best buy. Also Alpine Type-S 5.25 model# sps-500 rear doors $89.99. The trim rings that come with the 6.5 componets fit perfect between door and door panel, I did use the alpine grills. The rear doors did have to have some metal cut out but the door panel did not have to be trimed. hope this helps.
Thanks fellas, that helps alot. :cheers::cheers::cheers:

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