Has anyone checked/adjusted valve clearances?

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Jan 16, 2006
Albuquerque, NM
I can take the valve covers off & measure the gaps without too much difficulty, but is it true the cams have to come out to change the shims or can it be done with the cams in place with a spring compressor/shim extractor tool?
I bought a complete set of service manuals on Ebay for $100:D

Sorry, I can't look at them right now, I'm at work.

I seriously doubt you will need to adjust anything...
shim sits under the bucket , about the size of a pencil eraser , in a divot in the spring retainer . Yes the cams must come out .
No wonder why the LX 60K mi service is so dang expensive...:)
Just one head? Might want to do both. Two exhaust valves per cylinder.
64 dollar question.

bad oil change...lost oil pressure, resulted in loss of timing belt tension, jumped two teeth on pass bank, conflicted. 190 psi on drivers bank...0 on pass. have not taken the head off yet, but I'd assume all 8 ex valves have bent stems...
what to do next? replace head or buy used engine? sure the 64 dollar questions are did the pistons sustain damage? what about bearings? it was run w/o oil till it quit, no noise, just shut off.
130k on engine. ran like a top...
I don't see how the loss of oil pressure would cause you to lose tension in the t-belt. Seize a cam and then motor is out of time and bend valves, yes, I can see that.

So you can spin the motor by hand OK?

Have you drained the oil yet? Sent it out for analysis?

If the oil has metal in it, I would just pick up a used engine instead of rebuilding.

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