Has anybody blacked out their white roof? (1 Viewer)

Mar 19, 2008
Dana Point
I have a black FJ and yeah it has a white roof. I really want to paint the top black but getting some outrageous quotes. $1800 from a paint shop that has never done it and $3000 from a guy who has done two and said it was a lot of work.

Thank you in advance.

As soon as I can figure out how to get a piuc of my FJ in my profile i will do so. Just had a ton of work done on it and it is coming along really nice. ARB front bumber, Warn wicnh, PIAA lights, Rear Warn Bumper, dual battery system, snorkel... Pretty sweet.
Aug 2, 2006
the thing is, to do it right means door jamming it and all that jazz. i agree 3g is too much.

there was a pic in one of the newest toyota trails of a black cherry fjc with matching roof.
i also saw a black cherry local with a grey roof.

we are wanting to do our voodoo with a charcoal roof, or maybe like that carbon fiber one

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