harmonic balancer repair??

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Jan 26, 2003
The keyway on my harmonic balancer is slightly "buggered up" - if you've read the tech article in the recent Toyota Trails then you know what I'm talking about. Question - rather than trying to weld (followed by a bunch of filing) to repair the current keyway - would it be acceptable to have a machine shop cut a new keyway 180 degrees (directly opposite) from the current one? &nbsp:Does anyone see a problem with this? Should the old keyway be filled in with JB Weld or other "metal" filler? A buddy of mine suggested cutting the existing keyway a bit larger to clean up the edges and use a step-key(?). Sounds like a possibility - anyone done either of these? Mine is the three pulley balancer - as you know these not cheap to replace if you can find a "good" used one so I'd really like to try an inexpensive fix IF it will work. Thanks in advance for advice.
I'd try the step key, Cutting a new key way 180, might through off the balance? My puny .02
I had the key way on mine quite eaten away and it even damaged the old balancer. After getting another balancer I J-B welded the key into place and before it set up I put the balancer on and cranked down on the bolt. Its held for 8 months already and seems to be just as tight as when I put it on.
Thanks for the idea - as it turns out my crank had to be replaced (worn thrust bearing ate into the crank shoulder - man that hurt $$$) so the keyway on the crank is fine - great shape. Its the keyway on the harmonic balancer this slightly damaged (edges aren't exactly square along the entire length of the keyway) and that has me concerned. Your suggestion might be worth a try...

It would seem the structural integrity would be better from slightly enlarging the keyway (to square up the edges) and use a step key or mig weld the few small areas that are damaged and then mill/file back to original surface. Anyone done either of these tricks? I'm ready to put the crank back in this week. Thanks for all the help.

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