hardtop reinstall ??

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Jan 19, 2003
I have just finished restoring my hardtop -- new paint,
fiberglass work, cleaned and painted the gutters, all
new weaterstripping ...

This afternoon I put the sides on my cruiser and my wife
and I hoisted the lid onto the cruiser. Well, it does not
seem to fit. It is as if I need to warp the cruiser to
one side to get the dome to bolt up to the sides.

What should I do!
Not to overstate the obvious but if you already tighten the bolts down on the sides, loosen them, that usually helps. I always had the sides attached to the top first and then dropped it in place.
Hmmmm. The sides are not bolted on, just dropped into place.
Nevertheless, I think you're right. The top and sides will come
back off tomorrow.

Has anyone ever put the lid back on to the sides once they
are on the cruiser? Do they line up?
I did the last time I put the hard top back on. I had a very difficult time getting everything lined up. I would not do it again. I would put it on what the whole thing was off the truck.
i keep it one peice it is a lot easer to put on/off but i also got a 4 other guys sittin around to help if i get board/tired
I agree with tres, I would put it on the cruiser in pieces this time because I think you would get it to line up better but next time just take it off as one piece and keep it that way.
i always had my 78 top off in pieces (lived in an apartment...needed it to fit in my living room without taking up the whole room). always a little off, but get all the bolts started, them hold the top the way it needs to be and start tightening.
Put the bolts in and start tightening ....

It's too far off to do that. If I line it up at the windshield, it's
2 inches skew at the back of the tub. It's all back in pieces now,
so I'm going for reassembly on the ground.

I wonder what I've done wrong ...
did you lower the windshield or remove the windshield gasket (thinking your windshield position has changed) ???
agree with deep south

pull the windsheild toward the rear and tighten the windsheild screws and recheck

mine doesnt fit unless sombody pulls on the windshield -- the rubber needs to be smashed alot more then i thought

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