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Jul 30, 2018
Hayward, CA
Trust me, I saw this a few weeks ago and am interested. I have 2 years left in so maybe if he is still looking after I get out I'd love to apply.
Pretty certain given what a pain in the arse it is finding good, hard working and ethical people in this type of industry (I own a shop specializing in turbo AWD building and tuning so it's similar) I'd imagine you could send him your resume right now and plan your start date for 2 years from now and he could still keep looking yet would be welcoming you with open arms in two years!


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Jan 22, 2007
Chesnee, SC
@custyota I am surprised that I am still looking as well. Seems as though it is industry wide.

@Tylerh84 @GSTMike is not far off the mark. I would certainly like to get someone in the shop before two years but you never really know, do ya. A position might be open.

I mentioned above that this is a ground floor opportunity. Perhaps I should explain that out a bit. My business is going well, I have more work than I can handle to the point some are driven away by long wait times. Takes a while to build an entire truck by yourself. I'd like to expand and build a few Resto Mods of other flavors as well. Problem is I can not find help. I digress....

The right candidate will be in the position to write his own ticket. I figure I have maybe 15 years left in me if I am lucky, hell the interior guy Bob is 79 and chugging along. A guy that comes in, applies himself and excels will not only be paid well but will have the opportunity to buy me out if they choose, having helped the business along the way being taken into consideration. Walking into owning a shop you are familiar with should appeal to some enterprising soul, right?

I recently passed on the purchase of a 6 bay shop, right down the street, walking distance. I am still interested in a bigger shop. My wife and I have been talking about building a 30' x 60' bank barn on our property as a shop. 8 total bays 4/4. It'll fit into our future plans as well so it's a viable alternative.
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