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Apr 21, 2005
I seen it mentioned on this site that the hard top sides started to angle in something around 74. From what I can see that angle started in mid 65 with the non corrugated top. I'm running a 73 top with 79 doors on my 68 and they match. I put my 68 on it's side back in 75, the reason for the 73 top. I do still have the 68 hard top sides. The Driver's side is undamaged and it angle on the side. I checked my 65 FJ45 and it seems to be somewhat of bastard. The windshield is the earlier vent on the bottom and straight up the sides. In mid 65 when the vent was dropped the windshield sides were angled. From what I can tell this is the same time the bug catcher vent windows were changed. So what my 45 has is a straight sided windshield with the hard top that angle on the sides. Non-bug catcher windows in the doors. The doors are good fit in the back but not so in the front with the wider windshield. So either my windshield was changed to a earlier bottom vent or was part of the changer over of mid 65.

So what I would like to know is those of you that have mid 65 thru 67 models are your sides angled in? Plus do they angle in on the back like later tops. The angle is right at the bottom of the glass.

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