Hard Top Lift for storage???

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Feb 6, 2006
im looking for ideas/photos/old threads that show easy ways to store my hard top in the summer. are there any lift kits offered on line that will do the trick?
rope & pulleys

I've used two bike lifts from the hardware store. They attach to the cieling of my garage on at the front and one at the back. I use it for my 4runner top.

I trust it with the 4runnner top but I don't knoe if the top on my 40 is heavier or not as I've not had it off yet. I will be adding my fiberglass sides this summer but first I need to graph the vent window pieces in.

The bike thing worked well they have a cam type mech. that will lock th eropes in place. I still secure the top with additional rope around the rafters when I've got it up in place as I don't trust the skinny nylon rope that came with the kits. I tried to use a better rope used for climbing and repelling but it was too thick and the locking mech would not work.

You can make a system with pulleys and rope very easily. Pulleys at the top and pulleys on two boards fore and aft. put the front board through the roof at the door area and I quess tie onto the rear doors. then lift it up and secure it.

Not much to it, just use your noodle and be creative. Or spend 400 bucks on a yuppie top lift!!
OK, dont remember who posted these on here but i saved them because i want to do the same thing. did you try a search ? i dont have the link!
Picture 279.jpg
Picture 280.jpg
Picture 278.jpg
That electric lift is the s***!
Take it off, and sell it.

I had these guys, Top/Cap EZ Lift make one for my Jeepster Commando. Required a lot of phone calls and faxes for measurements, feedback, etc. Great service, considering that they had to design the thing without the vehicle to dink with. It turned what was a three-man operation to get the 200+ pound top off into a single man feat. I didn't trust my rafters so I also made a wheeled dolly to roll the top around in my garage. I assume a 40 top would be similar to a CJ top, just heavier? Those Jeep hoists are crap, by the way, I wouldn't trust 'em.

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