Hard Top Center of lift

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Sep 7, 2004
Okay I need some help from you folks that have removed your hard tops by way of hoisting. I am welding some steel together for a friend that wants to remove his hard top with a hoist system in his garage. I am building an “H” frame that will attach to the front of the top (front door area) and attach to the rear wing window area with straps. I need to know if anyone with a newer style top (rear wing windows) and has this system could tell us were the center of lift is. In other words were can we place the lifting hook on the “H” beam to keep it in balance while hoisting so not to let the top hang low. We are thinking that the most weight would be about 30” in from the rear of the tops rain gutter due to the rear door frame and class. This is were we are thinking of placing the lift hook. Can someone assist us with this question. If you know in inches from the rain gutter for center of lift to keep the top level :)while lifting this would help in the trial and era procedure. If this works we will post pictures and costs.
fyi on my 69 top with hatch back I just run a strap from the L door opening to the L side of the rear opening then up to my hook and down to the right rear opening and up to the R front door then up to the hook. This balances out fine enough. I use some ratchet straps and 2x4's under it once its up to the ceiling for backup and to take the load off the strap.

Are you saying that you have four lines going to the one hoiting line.
One long strap. I use a cheapo harbor freight hoist in my shop.
One end of the strap goes on the hook of the hoist, from there go through the drivers side door to the back door, up to the hook, back down through the back door and up to the front passenger side then up to the hook. Harder to describe than it is to do! hahah You can do the same thing basically with 2 straps.
Make your best guess and then make the lifting frame such that you can adjust it. Even if you do get an answer from somebody on here you haven't let us know if it is a rear hatch top or ambi door top, which will affect the CoG. When guessing don't underestimate the weight of the glass.

I made a dolly for my hard top (you can see it here) that works very well. I still plan to make a hoist to get the top up and down off the cruiser, but not to hold it for storage.

Yeah I think your right I will go with a set up were I will drill a few holes on the lift bar to accommodate different possibilities of the CG of the top. It is a 1980 with rear wing windows.
Will post photos as soon as he is ready to remove the top.

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