Hard steering

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Jul 30, 2003
Texas, Pinas and Germany
I was looking at a 94 LC when I noticed that when you engage the front and rear lockers, the steering wheel was a lot harder to turn than the other ones that I have looked at. Steering works ok when you disengage the lockers. What's wrong? ???
That's normal. When you turn, the outer wheel travels further then the inner wheel and the differential allows this. When you lock the differential, the wheels are forced to rotate the same number of rotations even while turning, which mandates that one or both slip and dramatic steering forces are created. Obviously, this is not good to do on grippy pavement. Best to check them on gravel or dirt. Nothing wrong.

You are right. I drove another one just a few minutes ago and did the same thing on a pavement. Thanks IdahoDoug.. :)
Wow, where are you that you're finding so many 80s for sale? Must be a bumper crop.
I'm in Houston. I found 2 that are for sale. Both have lockers. I usually get infos from friends. Thanks again..
Read past posts on how to test the F&R diff lock option. Especially if you are doing it on trucks you are test driving.

First, you may break something.
Second, on pavement you can't draw any conclusion on whether or not the option works.

OK. I am driving further out of the city limit. It is usually pavement and construction sites here right now. Hey, maybe I can drive over the dirt road these guys were creating! :D. Thanks Beowulf.

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