Hard Start After Sitting Overnight.....Is Choke Plate Closing Fully?

Oct 21, 2020
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This is on a 70 Series 1FZ-F. Most of the 70s on the 70s Forum are diesel so that’s why I’m posting here for some carburetor expertise.

I recently started having an initial hard start after sitting for a few days. I thought it might have been from water getting into my tank after some offroading as I found a few of my hoses weren’t properly connected on my tank by the filler Which could have allowed water into the tank.

I got everything reconnected and drained the tank, drained the floats bowls, and the filter. I removed the coil wire and turned it over to pump all the gas out of the system. I then added new gas and I get gas in the carb window butshe’s still hard to initial start. Once started, if I apply a lot of gas ( rev it up) she tries to die....if I ease on the gas she will idle right up. The vehicle idles and drives fine. After I drive her for 30 minutes or so she’s fine and will start up easy once shut off.

I curious about my choke plate....is this fully closed? The first pic is what it looks like cold. The 2nd pic is after depressing the gas a few times. Also, my choke is electric.



just trying to chase down this gremlin.!!

thanks !!!

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