Hard brake line leak! Lost braking!

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Jun 25, 2021
New York
Good day to all. Yesterday when I was driving on the parkway near home. The FJ62 lost (most) of the braking suddenly and pedal lost pressure . Scary moment of life and thank God I didn't crash…!

Open up the hood and I see the hard line behind left side headlight above the wheel has Major leak.

Please let me know where I can buy the hard brake lines(parts)

For the peace of mind. I want to change all the lines.
partsouq shows this small brake line that goes from the elbow at the backing plate to the caliper available.

But the longer line they don't have. May be NLA by Toyota, or maybe they are just out of stock. Good news is that generic hard brake lines can be bought at any auto parts store pretty inexpensive, and they can be bent to fit. If you go this route, take the old brake line off and carry it in the store. Study the flared part of the tube and the fitting and make sure the new tube has the same kind of flare and fitting (ie check thread pitch and see if it's tapered). BTW it is possible to get a brake line flaring kit and re-use your fittings and flare the new tubing.
any good auto parts store has a selection of brakelines, replace and bleed
they may not be perfect but will get you going.

being as you are in NY, is this a corrosion issue? if so I'd look at replacing all the lines in the near future

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