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We can tell our wives "the more we spend the more we save!"

Why not, that's what they tell us.

Me "why did you buy that, did you need it?"
Wife "no, it was on sale"
Me "cool, I just got a lift and and ARB bumper"
"On sale"!!!!

It could be worse.... you could be Murf.
I think it goes down something like this:

Murf: "Why did you buy that, did you need it?"

Murf's :princess:: "No, it was on sale"

Murf:"Cool, then you'll understand, I wanna try Meth!"


Murf: "But, it's on sale"!!!!


Murf: "It's to make my Cruiser cooler":hillbilly:

Real quiet

Murf: "Honey, I think I misspoke"
Good for a couple more days

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