Harbor Freight Winches

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So, the winch has been great for a couple years now. It has seen a lot of use and always performed great, if a little slow. Unfortunately, I just found out that I broke the mount. On my last time out I ripped the steering box off of the frame. 42" tires are just too much for the current setup and I need hydro assist to relieve the pressure on the steering box. While inspecting the box and frame the other day I noticed that the steering box was pushed up under the bottom of the winch and the part of the winch that mounts to the winch plate is cracked. I don't consider this a flaw in the winch as a steering box pushing 42" tires ripping off the frame and smashing into it isn't normal use. lol

I'm going to look into repairing it, but I doubt it will be worth it to make it as reliable as I want. I will probably buy another one to replace it.

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