Happy Hour next Wed. in Arlington!

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Jul 12, 2005
Hey Everybody,
Felix and I were going to head over to Carpool in Arlington for a 7:30 Happy Hour next Wed. If anyone would like to join us, that would be great. Knock a few pitchers down and play some pool, darts, and see who can get the most chicks in their land cruiser (I think the 60 series has an advantage there, lol) All kidding aside, it should be fun and you can bring a nonLC friend or two since they won't be 100% subjected to our crazy fj discussions!

Oh, and the "chicks" part was simply an attemp at poor humor, LC ladies are naturally invited as well and do not have to get in anyone's cruiser!

I went to this place a few years ago and I just want to make sure it still exists. I can't find anything online about it so if its not there any longer we'll have to pick another venue in that area (there are lots). If anyone can confirm that its still there, that would be great too!

RSVP below.
I've been informed that Carpool does still exist! Thanks for the info John Baker
FYI, here's the address.

4000 N. Fairfax Drive
Arlington, VA 22203
(703) 532-7665
Originally posted by 76LC
So is it just the 3 of us tomorrow night?

No, both Sebastien and Ross are probably going to be there. Plus, I've mentioned it to a couple other guys who MIGHT come.

Either way, I'm still up for beers. :beer: :beer:
hell ya BEER!

(Just Mogs, Sammys, G-wagons, Patrols, Rovers, EBs, and Scouts!) :flipoff2:
happy hour

See you guys there. I'll bring becky if she's awake.

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