Happy Day! Weathertech Floorliners Available (1 Viewer)

Jul 16, 2007
Spokane, WA
Just got an email that Weathertech liners are now available for the 80! This was the top item on my list of reasons to buy a newer vehicle, so I guess I am keeping her...

Here is the email:

We’re happy to let you know that the FloorLiners for the 1991-1997 Toyota Land Cruiser are now available!

You can learn more and place your order using the following link(s):

1997 Models: http://www.weathertech.com/toyota/1997/land-cruiser/floorliner-digitalfit/
1996 Models: http://www.weathertech.com/toyota/1996/land-cruiser/floorliner-digitalfit/
1995 Models: http://www.weathertech.com/toyota/1995/land-cruiser/floorliner-digitalfit/
1994 Models: http://www.weathertech.com/toyota/1994/land-cruiser/floorliner-digitalfit/
1993 Models: http://www.weathertech.com/toyota/1993/land-cruiser/floorliner-digitalfit/
1992 Models: http://www.weathertech.com/toyota/1992/land-cruiser/floorliner-digitalfit/
1991 Models: http://www.weathertech.com/toyota/1991/land-cruiser/floorliner-digitalfit/

Our customer service team is also available by phone at 800-441-6287. Feel free to give us a call with any questions or to learn more about the custom products we offer for your vehicle!

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