Happy Day, Happy Day! Finally Passed SMOG

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Dec 23, 2010
San Diego
Well Boys, today was the big day, after buying my 83 FJ60 in Dec 2010, dragging it cross country from Kansas to California, I was able to get it legal. Passed smog and it's officially licensed and registered in CA.

So far this is the list of things I have done. (not all smog related, but had to get the mechanicals in order)

1. Front end rebuild, knuckles, seals, gaskets, bearings etc, Calipers, Rotors, Pads
2. Tie Rod Ends and drag link ends
3. Steering box rebuild by West Texas Off-road
4. Front seal and timing gear cover gasket
5. Rear Main Seal
6. New oil gallery plug near the rear main, it had a slight oil leak
7. Oil pan gasket (that was a bee-yotch)
8. Clutch, pilot bearing, through out bearing,
9. Clutch master Cyl.
10. Carb rebuild
11. Vacuum advance diaphragm
12. Fuel Pump, Fuel Filter
13. Valve adjustment
14. New Catalytic converter
15. Replacement temp sensor for the cat
16. Timing chain cover gasket (again) accidentally split the other by over torquing. That blows!
17. OME Springs/Shocks all around

Here she is in all her legal glory

Nice truck, glad to hear another survivor of CA.

Its a timing gear cover ;)

Really clean 60!

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