🇺🇸 Happy Birthday, America!


Battle Ground, WA
Jan 29, 2014
Battle Ground
Freedom is not to be taken lightly. To be free has always and will always be very costly. Think of those who thirsted to be free of a tyrannical king and acted on those desires years before the revolution. As those brave individues died one by one not in vain, step by step, inch by inch with patience, a whole new sort of government and life style was born.

Ours is a treacherous path fraught with daily decisions that require belief in our forefathers concepts and the God who grants all men freedom.

More than this, unforgettable is the fact that the USA is the fledgling country on this planet yet the leader of the free world; or the cause. Freedom comes to the aide of all. Freedom promotes truth and education. Freedom runs hand in hand with capitalism leveling the playing ground.

History is repetitious but nonetheless interesting. The circle seems to be shrinking as we run out of ideas. One idea stands out to all people and it’s represented by the red, white, and blue.

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