Happy 4th of July

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Oct 7, 2003
Too far north. Too far east.
One happy Pappy on the garden's 1939 Farmall H.

JMS on the 4th of July.jpg
I like it
'bout time they let you drive that thing, since you are the one keeping it running.:grinpimp:
Keeping it running? I'm the ONLY one that can make it run. Tempermental lady. There is a reason we call her Lucille.
That's a nice looking tractor! Did they have some kind of parade?

By the way, we were at the Biopark for the Wagogo concert last night. It was great! I looked around for you Pappy, but I didn't see you there. Weather was cool and it sprinkled for a bit at the beginning, but then the rain quit and all was good.

FYI, Wagogo is a local band that did everything from African sounds to Mexican/Spanish with maybe some reggae thrown in. Pretty interesting music.
Nope, no parade. I just decided to dress her up for the holiday. Glad the rain wasn't too bad. I heard it was a nice evening.

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