Hanford relay for life

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Mar 25, 2005
Central valley (Cali)
Alrite everyone! Who in the club has not been effected by cancer in one form or another? Friend , loved one or even yourself?

I've been active with the relay for life( Hanford or lemoore) for about 6 years now, we are putting a team together for hanfords relay in oct so we have some time, I'm asking you all to come out and support, either walking( it's a 24 hr event) or making donations. As a person who's be effected by cancer , and having caner myself(skin) this is very important to me! I was diagnosed with skin cancer a year ago, and in feb this year had two moles removed , which turned out to both be cancerous!
So please come out and show your support! Help us with the fight!

I will up date this post in the next few monthes, we will have a team meeting to discuss at a future date

Thank you
Sorry guys I got busy missed the team meeting stuff... I would like to do this next year Hanford or lemoore

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