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Mar 3, 2015
Lonely Nevada
Always have been a lover of very nice blades. Of course anything you hold so close.. you have a tendency to acquire tooo many and not ever clean the closet out. Since we are moving in the very near future.. it is time to shed myself of all the stuff I really have too much of. Some knives are needing to find new homes. Please make sure you are over 18 in order to buy any of these knives.

SOG Tsunami Excellent condition 6 1/2" Tanto blade and wicked sharp. Includes two identical SOG Nylon sheaths. One with a snap and the other velcro retainer.
$75 shipped to CONUS

SOG Seal Pup Elite Excellent condition. Nice medium size 4 7/8" do it all blade. Includes two SOG sheaths. One Nylon with snap retention and the other leather with a snap.
$50 shipped to CONUS

TEKNA Dive Knife Made in Japan and long since discontinued. A premier classic 3 1/2" dive knife that appears to be highly desirable still. It is in very good condition. The only flaws are rub marks from drying out of sheath and very minor scratches. Locking sheath works excellent and looks good. Thigh straps are not included. Makes an excellent neck or boot knife. I used during my white water days. Always was on my PFD for an emergency.
$70 shipped to CONUS

Maxpedition MSCP Brand new knife still in the box. It is medium short clip point. A D2 steel 5 1/2" matt finished blade that has no marks on it what so ever and is very sharp. It has a nice Kydex sheath. The grip feels a little thin to me. However for a small hand the feel would be good. If I kept it.. I would wrap the handle in paracord to give it a larger grip. Then it would be an outstanding knife in my opinion.
$60 shipped to CONUS


Seal Pup Elite

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