Wanted hand throttle wanted

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Feb 27, 2008
eugene oregon
United States
:hmm:I have a 77 I think this was only on 74 and up fj40 any info you guys have would be great I want to buy one help me out
I got mine from a guy in Canada. I think they were more popular there.
I need a hand throttle and padal with clip

All diesels have them (- At least mine does -- and every other diesel 40 that I've seen does.)

If someone is wrecking a diesel - that would be a good source.

i might still have mine ,i can go take a look later on
in my junk pile .
I bought the complete setup from Cruiserparts.net.

They're very good to work with...
do you have a picture of what your looking for?
this is the hand throttle set up Im after
fj linkage.gif
let me look around in my parts pile. I know i have some of the parts, but not sure about all.
can you find one for me no one seems to have it

77 fj 40 needs a hand throttle please help someone has to have this layin around or in a parts vehicle
mud gas1.jpg
mud gas2.jpg
mud gas3.jpg

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