hand throttle on 60

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Aug 13, 2004
Normandy Park Wa. ........now in San Diego Ca.
I am trying to install a hand throttle from a 62 into my 60. According to Toyota the part #s are the same, but seems to be short. when connected it pulls peddle 1" . Is there a way to adjust the top arm where the cable attaches?

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there is no hand throttle on a 60, it is a manual choke that attatches to the carb, and it will move the accel pedal some when you use it.
Not the best of all fixes, but I crimped on a fishing weight behind the plastic ball to take out a little of the slack in my cable. Therefore I got a larger pull witht he cable and I can get the RPMs up to about 2300-2500 with it fully pulled out.

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