HAMOM Aug 13.

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Oct 9, 2014
High Point, NC
My right hand is still swollen and non-working after surgery so I need some strong help. The split case TC will be overhauled this week and attached to the H55 after months of waiting. I need some help and hope that some of the members close by would be able to lend a hand pulling out the old tranny and TC and getting the new equipment installed. I also have a new cross member coming and with the disc parking brake, I am hoping that will be all I need. I can take the driveshafts out to be altered.

If anyone is able I would appreciate the help. I will be more than happy to supply all the food you can eat and keep you hydrated with drinks and refreshment.
Thanks John.
I'm agree with John. I can't commit yet and I don't know what I'm doing but will be willing to help if I'm not seeing family.
Just like the other HAMOM thread, I'm pretty tied up for the next month. I'll know once we're in the week of your HAMOM whether or not I can make it.
Also cannot give a solid but have it on the calendar.

How are you for tools, equipment, work space, and such?

Items that would include:
Transmission Jack
welder for new cross member scab plates (my hunch is it does not bolt in)
4 tall jack stands
Floor jack (one jack for engine half, one for tranny)
I'm only guessing, does the OEM cross member come out? cutting tool?
Slide hammer/pullers for TC rebuild
Work space is the car port, open in the front and one side so room should be good.
I can borrow the engine lift from the next door neighbor so that shouldn't be a problem.
I don't have a welder but I believe the cross member needs some steel plate spacers but they can be bolted in temporarily, until I can get to a welding shop. The new cross member should arrive tomorrow so I will have that ready.
Floor jack I have.
The cross member does need to come out and I have the necessary recip saw for that.
The TC will be rebuilt prior to the install and bolted to the tranny.
I believe I am good for tools.
I will have the drive shafts out, the seats removed and the tranny hump out. If a door has to be removed that will be easy.

Thanks Rice. I will appreciate any and all help!
Sorry David, but I'm on vacation that day.
That's okay James. I appreciate your response.

Change of venue! My next door neighbor has rented a 5 bay garage on N. Main to open his business and has agreed to let me use one bay for the transmission. Henderson Car Care Center, to be renamed, next door to KFC. Welder, lifts and other necessaries.

The address is 1717 N. Main St., left side of the street going north, two doors up from KFC. Blue building, drive around to the back. We have full use of the shop including lifts, welders, transmission jacks and tools. The H55 is attached to the TC and the transmission support is ready to install. On Thursday I will move the 40 to the shop and begin to remove the pieces that are in the way, as much as my swollen hand will allow.

Any and all help is GREATLY appreciated. Close by food is KFC, Sir Pizza, Zaxbys, McD's, and some others. Whoever is coming please let me know your preference for food and drinks and I will have plenty.


Edit: There will be 4 additional bays and lifts if anyone else is needing to do anything else.
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Ordered 7 qts of Red Line from Jegs. Should be here by Wed or Thur. I believe that is the last part of the puzzle for the install.
I expect to be there by 8 am to get everything ready. Come on when you can. I appreciate the help!
I should be able to make it .
planning on being there. might not do anything major but would like to drain the brake fluid and put in some fresh juice.
There will be room Eric. Glad to have you.
This turned out to be a lake day to celebrate a birthday in the family. Sorry David. Good luck.
Oh well.
I'm still hoping to make it, David. Should confirm in the next 2 days. Do you have a start time?

If anybody from the CLT area wants to attend, I can take one person with me (no rear seats) if I'm able to make it up. @tgadd? @forrest5000 ?

Will be out of town.... Had a lot of fun on last HAMOM!! Hope you all have a good one too on this one.

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