Half of my electrical system quit

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May 14, 2006
Asheville, NC
My cruiser has been sitting for about a year, and I'm getting ready to sell it. The negative battery lead was bad, so I replaced it. Now my dome light, gauge lights, parking lights, and brake lights are out. Any ideas? I've never had issues with them before, and the fuses are still good
open circuit or bad ground
I don't know what vehicle you have, but on my FJ62 the brake lights are on their own circuit, but all the rest of the lights are fed by the 15A Tail fuse which is supplied power from the Taillight Relay. So, if the mice didn't chew up your wires, maybe the Taillight Relay is bad. The brake lights have their own fuse. Again, this is for an FJ62, but all those lights come off the same fusible link as well, the one with the big white wire that also goes to the alternator.
potentially the fuseable link needs to be replaced.

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