Half doors

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Nov 24, 2003
I have a 76 fj40, and want to make a set of steel half doors. I have seen a lot of 60's model doors around on ebay and such. will these fit my cruiser? Or would they need to be modified?
If you are talking about an FJ-60, good luck with all that...

If you are talking about '60's era thin doors, yes, it can be done, you will simply need to change out the door striker/catch on the body.

yeah I don't think fj60 doors would fit up very good, but with the right equipment anything is possible.

I was planning on just using the half doors in the summer and switching back to full doors in the sucky months, any problems there?
Don't see why you would have any problems. I have those fibreglass half doors on my truck year round...and yes, I do take it out in the winter....and yes, it is cold.

Good luck!

Run a search on half doors. We had a good discussion on that topic a few months ago and a few pics were posted of different versions. 8)
I to lazy for a search.

Have you ever seen Butch Built doors, that guys does some fancy work.


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