Hale Creek Time Trial

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Jan 12, 2006
Ladner, BC, Canada
Had a thought coming out of Hale on Saturday. How about an organized event sometime for a time trial coming up the trail. For some guys it would be easy, some may find it a bit harder but when you add a time element to it it could be a fun event. Lots of space below to hang out and good start and finish points.

Just throwing it out there for conversation.
It was the smell of diesel that kept me back
That could be interesting. I assume you're referring to the hard way out? Good way to find out who cares about their truck, and who is willing to let it all hang out.
I was thinking the 'hard way' out. It could be a fun event for a day. Something different. Judging the response I don't think it's a popular idea. Maybe I will just try it really fast on my own one day.
it could be fun . i'm in

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