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Apr 3, 2010
Los Angeles, CA
I swapped my battery tray and tie down today and when I went to re-hook the battery I began to get smoke from what I believe is the ground wire and a wire on the alternator. Did I just fry my whole system. Any advice on how to try and re-hook again?
All I did was take the wire in the pic and clamp it to the neg battery terminal as it was originally and it started smoking along with the alternator wire.
The positive battery terminal and associated wires are always in that position (rear of battery when installed in stock position, as shown in your photo). You have your battery turned around.

Is the battery terminal shown in your photo really the negative terminal? I can't read it in the photo.
I will now go crawl into a hole known as "shame". How stupid of me!
Well, that's how you learn. You won't make that mistake again.
After turning it around ans starting it there was a bunch of smoke coming from the coil igniter assembly. This is how the batt was originally on.
Any luck bud ????
doesnt it seem in that pic that the neg cable is hooked to the positive on the battery?
Okay now im more confused on what should be simple. Is the old picture correct? I would assume not but there were no problems. When I originally flipped the battery and had the neg terminal connected to the black cable the smoking began. When I flipped if the second time (back to how it is in the last pic) now the coil smokes.
Welp. That sucks. You should be able to see for sure which is negative. It'll run to your frame or the fender or something else that is obviously grounded. The positive should run to your alternator and your starter + anything else.

If I'm not mistaken the smoke is the mystery power leaving the unit. :(

When you melted you may have heated up a positive wire and melted to the point that it is shorting out on another ground source.
Ok so the battery is def in the right way. I had put it in backwards because I assumed the red terminal hook up was positive when its really neg. Go figure. Now I just need to fog out why the coil is smoking.

And yes...that damn speaker wire needs to go. The reason all of this started in the first place is because the PO had the battery tied down with speaker wire!
Herbie misses your rig!!!

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