H7/94R Battery?

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Oct 22, 2006
I need a battery, just some basic requirements:
  • AGM, dual-purpose starting and deep cycle for fridge and electronics.
  • "Good" reserve capacity.
  • Access to warranty / replacement if needed (so this precludes online purchase).
  • Cranking amps not a big concern here in NC.
  • Fit with no mods.
Finding a 27F AGM locally is proving futile; I have run across a few 24F's. In researching, I also ran across 34R and the H7/94R - which has dimensions close to the 27F, is readily available, and has decent specs.


(This is a Deka/East-Penn private label for AutoZone. Sears has a rebranded Odyssey in this size also for about the same price, but Sears has been closing stores lately.)

Has anyone tried one in their GX? or other common size you'd recommend?
I did the OEM battery but a sears sealed platinum jobby. Works great and supports my fridge.
@DanKunz did you go with stock size, 27F? If so, I cannot find it at Sears and Odyssey does not make one - they do list a 34 + height adapter to replace a 27F.
I went overboard I think, got 2 batteries now :) we do have a heated trucker blanket we use in the roof top tent on cold nights.


Since Uncle Sam was so kind to me this tax season, I ended up splurging on a rebranded Northstar 24F AGM from Batteries+, under their X2Power brand, in stock locally.

24F was an optional fitment to the GX, and obviously it fits perfectly.

Specs on this thing are crazy:

Weight 58 lbs
Pulse Cranking Amps 1,500 A
CA/MCA at 32°F 1,010 A
CCA at 0°F 840 A
CCA at -20°F 590 A
Reserve Capacity 160 min
Capacity 20 Hour Rate 76 Ah
Capacity 10 Hour Rate 73 Ah

Batteries+ has a 60-month full replacement warranty on it. 27F specs iirc were almost identical except for an additional 10 lbs. Anyway, I am happy :) especially with the RC.

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