H55F Ticking sound

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Sep 15, 2004
Austin, TX
I have a ticking sound that I think is coming from the top plate assembly in my H55F. This is only noticeable while I'm at idle in neutral. The ticking goes away when I engage the clutch pedal or if I move the shifter up or down enough to apply some pressure without getting it into gear.

I don't think it's the throw-out bearing since there is no sound when I engage the clutch pedal.

Here's a video of the sound (it's much louder than what it sounds in the video):

Forgot to mention, the H55F came from a mine truck that had 4th and 5th gears disabled using some tubing on the shift rails under the top plate. I wonder if one of those rails are loose?
That sound is normal. I've chased it before as well, originally on a used trans until I realized the brand new replacement has the same noise. I originally thought it was the input gear bearing because my clutch kit was new when I'd installed the first used trans.
That's a relief. Thanks Roma!
I wonder if it's only really evident when you have an H55 and a diesel (1HZ or others)?
Mine doesn't do that either. 2H at 360,000 km
So any ideas?
When I pull the carpet to install some Noico sound deadening on the floor, I'm going to take the top plate off and see if any of the shift rails are loose. Maybe I did something when I removed the 4th/5th gear lock out collars that the mine company installed.
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I havent had that sound on any of my 5 speeds. But its not something I would be too concerned about. I would try some thicker or thinner oil and see what happens. I think it maybe some bearing float on the shafts or a worn shift fork.
The worry starts when they get noisy under load.
Thanks Rosco.
It's possible it's something with the harmonics of the 60. I don't think I've heard it in my 40 but it's much noisier in that thing. I'll video it in my 60 when I get back in town in a couple of weeks but it's the exact noise and the trans is brand new and not rebuilt. Previous trans had same exact noise.
My Isuzu diesel/H55 swap made a similar sound when I first completed the swap. The H55 was in my 60 with the 2f and did not make the sound.

I never tried moving the shift lever to see if the noise stopped, but pushing in the clutch stopped it.

I looked and listened and asked, no good answers. So I pulled the motor to investigate.

What I found was a bad pilot bearing. I replaced it, and the sound went away.

Read about efforts to find sound here: Builds - The Journey Begins...

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It is probably the noise of the rotating gears rattling around with no load on them.
Push the clutch in and it will stop.
Very noticeable if you are in a small garage with the window down, as the noise will reflect off the wall.
Quite normal in these old boxes.
Yes, old mining gearboxes have a few rattles
I think my H55F makes that noise. I am going to see if I can listen to it like that tomorrow and push on the shifter a little to see if it changes like that.

I have lots of gear noises. I'm sure I need a rebuild of T-case and maybe the trans.
I have pretty loud gear chatter on my h55f. I had it rebuilt by reputable transmission shop when I found the input shaft was wobbly and had axial play, and assumed it would be quieter without any bearing rattle. The noise actually seems louder after the rebuild. I went and queried it at the shop and they said it's nothing to worry about, possibly caused by worn damping springs in the clutch. Goes away when i push on the gear stick as you're loading the synchros.

Doesn't sound exactly like the noise in your video but it's hard to tell. I know there's nothing loose in my topcase as I had it off a few weeks ago replacing the shifter pivots/rivets, hoping to fix a problem selecting first (pivots weren't the problem, still sometimes reluctant to select).

I have a pilot bushing rather than bearing, 'looked' okay so I didn't mess with that or the clutch, but now wish I'd replaced it.
H55F were never known as a silent box. I had one rebuilt by a very experienced workshop and it still had a few whirrss and whines when it come back full of new parts.
Its a big box with lots of big parts
As long as they are stiff and unco-operative when cold, they will be good when warmed up.

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