H55F mystery hole

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Jan 13, 2009
Gypsum, CO
After rebuilding the split case and mating it to new H55f a little over a year ago, I finally managed to install it in the 60 this week. Then, with my keen powers of observation, I noticed a threaded bolt hole on the tranny driver's side level with, and about one inch in front of the fill hole . It goes through the case.

What is it for, what did I forget, is it for a cable guide, or what?

I searched, but evidently not well, because all answers are on MUD

Thanks in advance for the help, and Happy Holidays to all.
Nothing bolts to the outside of it at least.
& it should NOT be open to the tranny innards.

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Thanks for the replies.
It appears to me that the hole is open to the inside of the tranny, as I can insert a depth gauge almost 1" before I hit anything.
For peace of mind, I think I will put a short, cut down bolt in it.
I wonder why Mr. Toyota went to the trouble to drill and tap it.............
It is a new direct from dealer tranny, so someone would have to be Mr. Toyota. So, I still wonder what purpose this hole serves.

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