H55F Into Fzj80 questions

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Jan 13, 2015
North Carolina
Ok so I've always felt that the 80s would benefit from a manual tranny.
These are some things I want to figure out:
- Can it bolt up to a fzj because i haven't seen it done
- Can it bolt up to the existing t-case
- What other modifications would be needed as far as that crossmember goes
The H55F never came behind a 1FZ-FE, so no I do not believe it will bolt up. There is a way you can bolt it up to a 1HZ however with the right bellhousing. The biggest issue you would have to deal with is shifter placement. Given the length of the H55F, the shifter will want to come up into the dash. There are a couple folks that have "made" it fit, but I have not yet seen a clean install.

Although not as robust as the H55F, the H151F was made for the 80 series so it is mostly a bolt in affair. I beleive you can still buy these trans new and I think they are available in the US pipeline. Onur or Dan should be able to confirm what is available @beno @cruiserdan
i heard a viscious rumor that some H55 parts are unobtanium now ( shifters etc)

- h151f is your only option at this point. The good news is that the AUD to USD is .78 per dollar......so you can find yourself h151s in australia fairly cheap $800-1000 vs $2300 h55s.

AUStoUS is a mudder who ships from Brisbane to Washington state. trannies are $250 to ship iirc.

keep me posted if you want to hunt down h151 and bellhousings. bells are $100 usually
I have installed an H55f and split case in my 1992 80 series. I also added twin sticks . Its a real tight fit
And Requires allot of modifications.
Here is a shifter shot. The motor is a 12HT.
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