H55F into 1983 Oz-spec Troopy?

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Not so much 'Drop in' as 'Lift In with some mods'. If you get a 40 series 5 speed (or at least the top loader from a 40 series), then on an 83 you will be able to put it in with no modification to the floor pan. if you use a 60 series top loader, then you will need to move the shifter lever hole down about 3" (see photo) and bend the transfer case lever forward to keep the handbrake lever from hitting it.

You will have to shorten the rear drive shaft and lengthen the front. You will have to bevel out the top of the hourglass shape on your bell housing just slightly to fit the larger notches on either side of your input shaft on the H55 (easily done with a Dremmel).

Finally, you will have to either put a handbrake on the rear axles (easily done using the backing places from a 60 series) or use your handbrake from your own transfer case. You can built this into your new transfer case, or simply put your transfer case onto the back of your new 5 speed (if you do this, however, make certain that you install the little plastic drip lubricator- this clips into the front of the transfer case backing plate, and drips gear oil onto the 5th gear).

Are you on the troopy registry? The link is in my signature.


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Sorry, forgot the photo. Bear in mind that this was done on a 1980 HJ45, so it had to be lifted to clear the raised top loader of the 5 speed. On your 83, the floor is already raised, so all you would have to do is move the hole aft (again, unless you find a 40 series top loader).


RHD 5 speed alterations.jpg
He should be on your registry as it's HillTopper's old rig.
Alrighty then! Looks like this may be a touch more involved than what I was looking :) Came across a possible H55f and was curious as to the 1983 year compatibility but I still need PS, AC and bloody seats first I think :)

From memory, don't you have an overdrive on that troopy? Given that, I wouldn't be too bothered with a 5 speed- at least for a while. Power steering is a great addition, though.:)


Can anyone give insight into adding the H55 to my LV? You should know that I have a 1966 45LV, but all the running gear including the engine is from a 1979 FJ55 which was equiped with factory PS. And for those who are questioning it, yes it is definitely a 1979 FJ55, even though they supposedly did not come with PS.

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