H55f in to 89 fj62 conversion

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Jan 14, 2007
Well I was going to wait for the auto to go in my 89 fj62 but my patience are not in the same shape as the transmission. It has 189,000 miles and seems to have no problems. My wife is going to get me the H55f for my b-day. I know there are alot more parts that go along with this so it may take longer to do then I would like. I was wondering if anyone has used the conversion kit from cruiserparts. I would never use the used clutch not sure about the flywheel and would like a new slave cylinder and clutch ,master cylinder so is the kit worth the price. Any thoughts on this or anyone parting a late model fj60? Thanks

I'd also be very interested in any advice anyone might have along these lines. I NEED a manual tranny in this thing but definitely cant afford to pay someone to put it in on top of the 3k+ in parts its gonna cost!!
I know that cruiserparts.net sells a kit.. I have no experience with them, just cut this info from the site:

Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60 FJ62 Parts For Sale
Complete manual tranny conversion kit for FJ62. Does not include transmission. Use either the 4 speed or 5 speed. Shipping on a kit is around $100. This is an awesome upgrade if you like to shift for fun or towing.$750
Also a parts list I've been working on - Iam no expert - so do your own homework. :D

Toyota Part Number:

61410-30282 MC

61470-30102 Slave

33030-60450 TRANSMISS

33124-36010 PIPE, OIL

33530-60160 LEVER ASS

31210-36330 COVER ASS

31250-36342 DISC ASSY

90363-52001-77 BEARING,B

90363-15004 BEARING,B

90311-99001 SEAL, TYP

33548-60020 BUSH, SHI
I'm not sure I understand the question exactly, but a used flywheel remachined, is just as good as a new one. Locally the machine work is $25 or so, and flywheels tend to go cheap, just sayin' you don't need a new one.

I assume you'll re-use the FJ62s transfer. That's a very good choice for a number of reasons. Search for the list of parts to convert it to manual shift. Orangefj45 at Valley Hybrids has done this a bunch and I think was the one to list the needed parts here.

You will also need the bellhousing, the hydraulics, new cross member and mount and a thousand little things, but it's a straight forward bit of work. You will also need the tunnel sheet metal, and a pedal bucket/pedals from a parted FJ60.

As we speak my H55 is coming out of my FJ60 and will be eventually living in the FJ62.

Edit: MMW beat me too it, speaking of which I need some shifter balls from him. Thanks for the reminder.
Orangefj45 at Valley Hybrids has done this a bunch and I think was the one to list the needed parts here.

I just spoke to georg yesterday about one of his twin sticks:
Thanks for the help guys. I have put this conversion off for a while but Hope to do it within the next year.
thanks for the props guys......

i have done a number of swaps, one of them being an fj62 to manual. i did start a post on here in the 60 forum about it that should help out a lot with seeing what all is involved and what parts you're going to need. let me know if you need more info, i'll be happy to help.
one of the projects we're working on right now is an fj60:
late model split case

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