Wanted H55f for fj60 gasser (CT)

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You may want to look farther at that. Crusher was selling a h55 recently that was for a gasser. If not mistaken his post said he couldn't use it because it was for a gasser not a diesel?
i have read about this ... the 2h engine and the 2f both have the same 10 spine input shaft. Also since my truck is a 1987 it is pretty much a direct bolt on because the there is the spacer there to allow room for the 5th gear.
I've got an H55 bolted onto a 2F from my 1987 FJ60 engine swap to V8 with Chevy Trans. It's in Peoria, Illinois and I'm looking to sell engine and trans both. If you're interested we can talk. I'm hit or miss on this forum, but call me at 303-564-1160, or email to slowcruiser@gmail.com.

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