H55 change to manual transfer

Dec 13, 2007
San Francisco
On an HJ60 that has a broken vacuum transfer system how difficult is it to change to a manual transfer and abandon the push button system? I am slowly chipping away at those things that are busted or substandard on the truck. Getting out and laying in the dirt to push the lever on the transfer is definitely a pain when 4 HI is required (which is not all that often- the big tires and rear locker gets me through tons- until I need 4 LO!). This is the last thing to correct that I inherited from the PO. I have a FJ60 transfer shifter and linkage in hand....

All the info I could find on this sort of thing here was modding H55 transfers in to other model LC's or improving the vacuum system. (I have never understood the push button thing- what about locking the hubs? Still got to get out of the truck.) I want to get rid of the vacuum transfer entirely and return to the transfer shifting of my '60- seems like if it broke once it'll do it again! Always been auto transmission/ transfer phobic.

Thanks again folks!
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Mar 11, 2007
Its pretty easy to do, especially if you have a donour transfer. I changed a 1988 HJ61 VAC transfer to manual with 1983 FJ60 parts. You pretty much need a M15x1.5 tap and a few parts from the manual transfer.

Have a search there is a good thread on it somewhere.

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