H442F cold issues ..

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Club 4X4 Panamá
Apr 4, 2003
H442F Changin speed when is cold.
This is another issue I thought temp related.

In the morning I usualy drive very slow, under 2000 rpm, until the engine warmup. So the issue is, in this time the tranny start fine first, after second speed, normal, but inmediatly goes down to 1st speed, and continue to 2nd, and 1st and 2nd .. until it come to normal operative temp.

When it reach normal operative temp all goes fine ..

thoughts . ?
I don't fully understand your problem, but the the FZJ80 is designed to use higher shift points when cold, this aids in warming up the vehicle quicker.
I thought it's not safe run a cold engine at much rpm .. for these reazon usually I drove under 200 rpm .. at those engine speeds the tranny " lloks " little crazy changing speeds 1 to 2, and inmediatly 2 to 1 and continue at this way .. until it reach normal operative temp.

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