H2 into a FJ60, 1986

May 5, 2011
Can anyone point me in the right direction or answer some questions. I would like to put a 2H out of a forklift into my 1986 FJ 60. Will I be able to use the 4 speed and bell houseing that are currently in the 60? How about the radiator can it be reused?
Can I use the same wiring harness? This is all new to me, I'm sure down the road I will be back for turbo Info.
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Oct 24, 2007
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the 2h has been put in the 6x series before.

your 4speed should bolt up to the 2h

your fj60 rad may need some modification as the in/out ports might be different
for example i put a 2h in my 62, and the radiator looked the same, but the top hose ports was on different sides, so i went to a radiator shop to get my rad mod'ed, cost 90$(1hr of labour)
so you can "re-use" you radiator in a sense

you should find out if the forklift is 24v because that wouldnt be uncommon.
then you have to worry about the 24v vs 12v (and all the motors/switches/solenoids/bulbs involved)

i dont know if your foklift motor will have power steering. furthermore, you should research if the injection pump on the forklifts are governed(tuned) in a different way then a highway rig.

you can kinda leave your fj60 harness in place for a accessories, but you will need to wire up the glow plugs and a kill switch. im pretty sure you can use the fj60 harness wires to connect the motor sensors(tach/temp/volt)

this swap has been done and documented here on mud, so do a search a you will find results.

my experience in short for the swap was 2h into a fj62, new motor mounts, transmission(auto) in the factory location, modified the rad, swaped the main wiring harness(cuz of 24v) along with all the electornic gidjets and worked the exhaust(fits very easy in stock location)

heres a link to my swap:



hj60 pictures by sdcamyotte - Photobucket
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