H/T Rear Liftgete Support NEEDED! (1 Viewer)

Jun 12, 2005
Bay Area, CA
Hardtop Rear Liftgate Support NEEDED!

I need the rear hardtop support for the early '70's fj40 that the liftgate attaches to. I recently purchased a hardtop without the liftgate attached. The PO said I needed to install it myself and took off a couple bucks.

...Well the real reason it was never installed was cause the hardtop was a '77 and the liftgate was from a pre '75. The rear support that goes across the threshold at the back of the top is fashioned for ambulance doors, not the liftgate. The liftgate support is mounted with hinges.

I can't put my L/G on until I find this picece....WINTER IS COMING. :doh:

F/S: '73 Proportioning valve for $5 bucks plus shipping.

'71 FJ40 Chevota
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