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Mar 27, 2018
Amarillo, TX
I'm having a hard time deciding on a lift. Wanted to get some opinions from guys who have been down this road.
- So I've been looking at OME 2.5", Toytec Boss 1-3", and Tough Dog 2-3" Adjustable Valve.
- I'm planning on adding front bumper with winch rear bumper, and sliders pretty soon.
- In the near future I will be adding roof rack and roof top tent. I don't think I will leave the tent on the rack constant, since this is my daily driver.
-I will also be adding little mods here and there to the interior.
- It is my daily driver and won't be wheeled hard. But, I do hunt, fish, and camp alot. So I want it to be capable when need arises, just nothing hard core at this point.
- So , with that being said on plans and uses for the truck. What set up would guys recommend, and do you think heavy springs are needed or medium.
Thanks for any advice you can give.
Apr 13, 2014
Your plans sound similar to my build in progress. OME with heavy springs were stiff until I added all the weight of the bumpers, swingout, sliders roof rack. I am still in need of a winch and eventually RTT, fridge, etc. Heavy springs are the way to go if you are going to add that much weight, IMO.
Mar 11, 2018
You need to match suspension kits to the weight of the vehicle. Some coilover have adjustable perch to adjust spring preload and fine tune the ride height. Adjustable damping are good especially one that have separate compression and rebound but they are really expensive.

You could use medium duty rear with airbag insert to help when you carry heavy load.
Oct 3, 2017
NorCal to SoCal to NorCal
I have a Toytec F/R lift with Bilsteins. Been moderately happy with it. Damping is pretty well matched with the springs but any additional weight (camping gear etc.) droops the rear noticeably. Not enough to destroy handling, but if I had to do it all over again, IF my stock shocks and airbags were good, I'd just go with spacers. Lifting my 130K truck just made all my almost-fully worn parts wear even faster.
Mar 25, 2018
Another option: I recommend you to reach out to Kyle Fogle of Treaty Oak Off-road, a GX owner, who specialized in GX lift suspension, Dobinsons brand, among other off-road products. He has helped numerous GX 460/470 owners, including me, on GXOR Off-Road FB group. A really good guy who can custom set up the correct shocks and spring rate for your specific requirements. Good luck.

Treaty Oak Offroad

Tell Kyle that Kal Lee from GXOR sent you.

Or you can also contact MetalTech4x4 and tell them your suspension needs. I've got my Ironman 4x4 Foam Cell Pro lift suspension from MT and very happy with it.
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Mar 29, 2009
Durango, CO
After a year trying to figure out decided to go with Dobinsons from Treaty Oak Offroad. Will be buying this month or next.

My needs are similar to yours. No rear bumper but will be adding a Dobinsons drawer system.

I will be going with a progressive rate rear medium spring which limits me to a 2" lift. Since this is my daily driver I rather have comfort from progressive spring than going with a HD linear rear spring (which would allow a 2.5" lift). I will add the airlift 1000 bags in rear so when I am loaded down I can level. Not going with the DDR.

So, this --> Dobinson GX470/460 Suspension Kit with medium progressive springs.

Kyle said with a 2" lift no need for new UCAs.


2006 GX470 w/ stock suspension
MetalTech winch bumper (Goblin) with ComeUp winch w/ synthetic rope
265/70/17 with spare in stock location
Carry recovery gear and tools when traveling. (50 lbs or so)
Daily Driver (monthly commute to Albuquerque office from Durango)
Run mostly forest service roads and intermediate trails around Silverton & SE Utah
Tow a T@B teardrop trailer when on vacations. 1600 lbs dry.
Gamiviti full roof rack. Carry two bikes when on vacation.
Wife and myself as passengers.

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