gville cruiser sightings

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another one

awesome 45...way to snap the spy pics man. We got one fj45 here in Polk County...i guess a 45, it's the 40 front with a truck bed..."long base" 40 maybe...lol. Bright purple with silver flake, attention getter...on some nice 33" all terrains...I'm going to play james bond and maybe snap a digital or two of it here soon...its garage held captive though.
hey Polkster, a budy of mine spotted a jacked up blue 60 heading away from the forest last week... maybe thurdsay. Was that you?
mistaken identity

naw, can't say that was me...haven't been there since the trip with you and frank. wish it was though cuz that would have meant some wheeling!! maybe jim from altamonte??? he's got a blue 60 on 35s...

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