Gurgle sound behind passenger dash only after shut off

Jun 9, 2021
2002 lx470 155,000 miles. Recently seem to have developed a gurgle behind the dash after full warm up (heater core I am assuming). Far as I can tell this only happens after I turn off the engine after it has been fully heated though it is possible that it is making the noise when driving but I just can't hear it over the engine. Only noticed recently, but only recently had to use the heater.

Did a coolant "burp" today with funnel and open radiator cap. Coolant is topped off. After the "burp" warm up and shut down there was no noise. In that case I ran the engine about 25 minutes while in park. However after driving down the road tonight and stopping it did it again.

I am sure hoping not head gasket. Will use the tester tomorrow.

Any ideas?
Sep 2, 2017
Menlo Park, CA
I had this. Sounded like a small animal was running around behind the dash or a gurggule. This happened right before my heater tees failed.

If I heard a sound like that again I would immediately check the heater tees by removing hoses. And pinching the plastic. Mine crumbled in my hands.

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