GSMTR Questions

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Jun 1, 2018
Low Country
Since it is my first time going, I have a bunch of questions....

Are we all going to form a group and go up, or just get there whenever? If going as a group, what time, which direction (meet up on the way), etc.

I know there are 2 meals provided (Friday night, Saturday night),
Is there a group cooking which I have seen on other outings where person X decides to cook 1 meal, then person Y cooks another, or are all meals my responsibility.

It is a 6 hour drive according to google, FJ40s being trailered or driven?

Vehicle inspections, anything special I should know about?

What trail ratings are everyone else comfortable doing? 1-10?

Should I take extra fuel? Or is it convenient to get more?

Windrock park usage, since we are only going to be getting there Thursday night, is the 2 day pass good enough?

More to follow dependent on answers...
Jim, we usually take lunch stuff since we are usually on the trail. The other meals have been out or what you want to cook.
There is a full kitchen in the cabin.
It is 6+ hours, but we usually stop for lunch, so 7. 40 is being trailered.
you should be fine on inspections, get a fire extinguisher
We ride a variety of trails, getting harder as the weekend gets near. Don't want to break the first day.
Fuel is close by, we usually fill up in the morning after breakfast
We are planning to leave Wednesday, They do daily passes, we do thur-sat.
hope that helps
Leaving Wednesday, what time? If you are coming up i26, I figure I can meet you at the on ramp at Summerville.

Bring food for lunches on the trails, check.

Fire extinguishers, got 2, check.

Trails, breakfast (fighting for seats at waffle house?), fuel, permits, all check.
I'll call on the way
Call me in the am, 843 270 1582

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