GSMTR 13 PICS Needed

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Feb 25, 2008
jasper tn
Anyone have any good pics from the raffle or of a large group of people/trucks?
Thanks Ted I'll look though them when I can get to my laptop.
Here are a couple . Kids raffle



Mother Natures Nipples :)



Great pics Ted but unfortunately not what I need. :frown:
This might make a decent start for a t-shirt.


Side-Bar: My Sister-in-Law is a graphic artist/designer and I am sure I could get her to help on a T-Shirt design for GSMTR '14

I also have an Aunt who used to do some T-shirt work.

If you give me a general idea of what you are after, I will be glad to take this on and get something together. If anyone has any pictures of some previous shirts, and a good image of the GSMTR logo they could send me that would be good.

my email is tuckersoffroad "at"

Just let me know if you guys want me to work on this.

Hi-Jack off.
Larry Downey's daughter is working on the shirt design, I will let you know if that does not work out. I could use some help with the TT ad. It is a 1/2 page B&W. I was thinking STLCA logo at top and a picture like Chris mentioned in the background that I could put the printing over.
I'm looking for a pic for the thank you cards that we send out to sponsors.
It stinks we didn't get a group pic this year!
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For some reason I can't load the pic. :hmm:
Edit - **** it is 11 meg so it is a good one to use but it will not go via email. Too big.

Here is a link.

Photo By Jaimie Murphy

:censor: 11 Meg!! That is a really good one. Oddly enough, I could get that at my work email, I have no idea what my limit is, or if I even have one. Anyway, I will see my SIL tomorrow and will ask her if she will help me work on the Ad. This will be an ad for next year, GSMTR '14 correct. 23rd year? Any color, text or other limits I need to know about before I ask her about this? 1/2 page correct?

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